Interior Design

Our Services

Our services can start as small as choosing a paint colour for your wall, or rearranging your existing furniture to allow for better functionality. They also go as large as project managing your new build or renovation or redesigning a room or an entire house. Engaging a qualified Interior Designer can ensure your home is functional, suits your lifestyle and ultimately increases the value of your property.

Willeroo Interior Design offers the following services:

  • Concept design
  • Colour consultancy
  • Specification of fixtures, fittings and finishes
  • Sourcing furniture
  • Sourcing artwork
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • Window treatments
  • Styling for sale
  • Project management
  • Layout, space and functionality planning
  • Floor plan review

Initial Consultation

$550 (including GST)

Most Willeroo Interior Design projects start with an initial consultation.

Prior to the initial consultation we will send you a questionnaire to complete. This ensures we have a solid understanding of your project before we arrive so we get get straight into the design process and clients are ensured value for money.

The initial consultation takes place in your home and usually goes for around 90 minutes or longer depending on the size of the project. It will include discussion of the questionnaire which includes the room/s involved, your ideas, style, proposed function of the space, budgets and time frames. If you are unsure of where to start, we can offer you lots of ideas and inspiration, including past projects that we have completed. We also like to see what existing building features, furniture and art that could be used in the redesign. Our aim is to take the stress out, provide direction and take the time constraints away from you.

Following our consult you will receive a detailed briefing of our meeting. We will then provide a number of options regarding ways you may like to proceed including mood boards, specification details for furniture, colour consultancy through to project management.

Contact Us

We are also happy to discuss non-consult jobs with you. Perhaps you live a long way away but would still like our assistance with a job? Maybe you have a building floor plan you would like us to review? Or would like us to send you a mood board with detailed supplier information to give you some inspiration? Send us an email at to see how we can work together.