Lounge Room- Before and After


The Brief- Large group accommodation, usually adults, sometimes families. This is a late addition to a large homestead so clients wanted something that wasn’t overly modern.




The old layout of the seating was directly focused on TV viewing and only for limited numbers. The new layout, with seating facing towards each other allows for better conversation and connection whilst all can still easily view the TV. We went for large over sized seating for serious comfort which the space can handle as it is large, has a high roof and lots of glass. We also chose single seating for four rather than large sofas all around as this provides better access and the corporates who mostly use this house feel more comfortable having their own space. The style of sofas and chairs are classic styles which suit the era of the house but in modern shades to make the look more contemporary.


A large square coffee table centralises the space and is easily reached from all seating positions. New lighting was installed to incorporate original existing fittings in other zones of the house rather than the dated 90’s sconces. Adding texture and warmth with the rug and cushions makes the space more comfortable and inviting in this cold climate house. Art and history books and this beautiful french antique marble bowl add interest. Table lamps a must for varying light levels and mood.

FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)

To complete the room two pieces of original art were selected. These landscapes suit the style of the home and positioned here, compliment each other and break up the harshness of the brick walls that the clients wanted to keep. Plants throughout the room add softness, greenery and purify the air. An advanced bird of paradise was chosen for ultimate impact (see top picture).